Sunday, 1 January 2012

Cute Owls Craft Cutter Template

I love cute owls! I had fun creating this cute owl template for my craft cutter. I've made it available free for non-commercial use. 

This cute owl design makes a fun activity for a kids owl party. You can cut the pieces out in advance in lots of different colors or shades and then the kids can each create their own unique owl to take home. 

I used thick cardstock for these owls so they are sturdy enough to be used as a bookmark. They look cool on birthday cards and gift boxes. And you can also stick them onto paper bags to make a gift bag or party favor bag.

I'm sure you can think of lots of other things to do with them too.

I created a single template for these owls which includes all the layers. This allows you to make 6 contrasting owls from one template - just cut it in three different colors of cardstock.

I cut these owls on my new Silhouette Cameo machine. I'm impressed with how precisely it cuts the small details in this design.

SVG Template: Cute Owl SVG File.

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