Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sun Earth Moon Craft Model for Kids - Craft Cutter SVG

My kids have recently got interested in the moon. So I thought it was time to make a craft cutter model of the sun, earth and moon. It's a classic kids science craft and using the craft cutter meant I didn't have two cut out two sets of shapes (and I certainly wouldn't want to manually cut out enough sets for a school class or club to use!)

The model is not to scale! It's just intended to be used to show how the moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun.

I've also put together a page to show how to make the model and with lots of educational ideas for using the model to teach kids some facts about the earth, moon and sun: Sun Earth Moon Craft Model and Activities.

You can download to SVG files here. It's a bit fiddly because ideally you need to use four different colors of cardstock, but it doesn't take long. Kids can assemble the model themselves using paper fasterners. The templates include the pieces to create two complete models (because I have two kids). You could edit them (in Inkscape) to fit more of the smaller shapes onto each sheet if you are doing the craft with a group of kids. Or you could combine then and print them on white card and let the kids paint  it.

Sun SVG - use yellow cardstock
Earth SVG - use green or blue cardstock
Moon SVG - use white cardstock
Connectors SVG - use black cardstock

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